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Men’s Style… Army/Navy

April 26, 2010

Effortless Chic… Cheap.

Be honest, men.  It’s your favorite word, isn’t it?  Okay, well it’s at least in your top three.  Who doesn’t love a bargain?!  Luckily, chic and cheap is as close as your nearest Army Navy surplus store!  If you haven’t been, you must check one out!  Here are my favorite frugal finds:

(Disclaimer: Maybe it is self-explanatory, but I thought I should go ahead and mention that you shouldn’t wear all of these pieces at once…)

1.This looks just like the boy’s watches Rolex came out with right after World War II

(At vintage watch stores they start at $2500+)

Army Surplus Online, $9.99

2. Looks very similar to the Band of Outsiders version they are selling at Ron Herman

Army Surplus Store, $29.99

3. Black Combat Boots

Kaufman's Army Navy, $9.99

4. British Military Cardigan

1st Army Surplus, $19.99

5. Standard Canvas Belt

Kaufman's Army & Navy, $5

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